Roster update 2018:

We are proud and happy to announce that SAMUEL "SAMUX" FERNANDEZ FORT and Fabian "Exileh" Schubert decided to re-sign with Unicorns of Love for the upcoming season (pending RIOT approval).


Unicorns! United we shall stand today

Today we will go to war against H2K. To get the last spot at worlds we need all your support this weekend. If you are in berlin today, make sure to join the LoveHurtsCrew and the CµAoS Elite who will be in the studio to support us. Also we will have some reporters there, so lets show them what pink is.


Sport psychologist session

We are not only working hard in the game, but also outside of it to build a strong team mentality and motivation. Today the results was this beautiful wall of drawings from our guys.


Last chance for worlds

Hey guys, don't miss our games against the winner of H2K/Splyce this saturday. The regional qualifier is our last chance to reach worlds this year and we are working hard to achieve our goal this time.


Magic in Krefeld

Today the boys went out to show how awesome NEEDforSEAT chairs are. To do that they had to take a day off of practice and drive to Krefeld, Germany.


Gamescom giveaway

Gamescom is almost over. But it is not too late to win one of five great goodiebags!


Romain at Gamescom

Our crazy manager will be attending Gamescom 2017 next week and do a signing session in the Gerolsteiner area!


Join and win!

This weekend Unicorns Of Love will be facingMisfitsGG in a spectacular BO5 on the rift.



As the temperature rises in Berlin so too does the competition at the European League of Legends Championship Series. The Summer Split Playoffs are here, and with teams full of vicious veterans and robust rookies the competition is fiercer than ever.