on 09/30/2017 at 10:31 am
Just keep improving its not the time to give up after playing so good in the Spring and Summer!
on 09/24/2017 at 10:18 am
I want to say Thank you to you because you are a great team and i love watching your games and you do so much for your fans❤🦄
on 09/24/2017 at 01:31 am
Heads up guys... Can't wait to see you play again! 🦄
on 09/22/2017 at 09:57 pm
guys you did your did the drama i need to get hyped.and in the first gauntlet game against h2k i was proud af.exileh 1v1s the best mid eu??i couldnt even believe what i year its worlds for sure#uol win
on 09/22/2017 at 06:22 pm
Well I can't do much but hope for my favorite team to win next year.

Thoughts on summer '17

Written on 09/22/2017

Hey Unicorns!
with the season over its time to reflect and shine some light on our last weeks and whats coming in the future.
So here we go!

Misfit series
After winning vs H2K before and nearly missing out on Paris, we were confidently going into the series. However, we were directly faced with problems in our Pick and Ban:
Kassa vs Lucian, Zac vs Lucian + Poppy, not having priority on Trist or Cassio or Lucian, weak early game junglers, ... and the resulting performance issues. 
The first tough loss of the split as it prevented us from going to Paris and securing enough points for worlds. Which lead us to our next and last chance for worlds: the Gauntlet.

H2K series
We really reevaluated our stand, that going forward, it was do or die for us. And we gave 100% for our preperation with as many games as possible, sports psychologist and focused practice. Following, we started having great champion pick-ups for Mid and ADC (namely: Cassio/Lucian/Trist) and our macro made great improvement too.
Which in turn lead to strong performances throughout scrims and strong results (which even made Jankos become timid facing us). Once we went on stage however, things went south and our weaknesses were found out once again:
- P/B mistakes: misguided priority for ADC+Support resulting in "good" matchup bot but being counterpicked in other roles without great payoff (kind of like in MSF series). Definitely all playable but added on came the
- Macro mistakes for setting up Top/Mid snowball game 2 or Bot/Mid snowball in game 3/5.
- Overall weaker individual perfomance compared to scrims

The loss hit everyone hard.
It sucked investing so much and not end earning the success you thought you deserve after all the work. Your peers head forward and you stand there, with the next step being in far January. You allow bad thoughts: anger, uncertainty and doubt arise. Is it all worth it? Can I reach the goal? But mostly it sucked going into a full stop because, disregarding the outcome, we really enjoyed working on ourselves and becoming better. We had purpose and now we have to wait.

What we want is to truly show what we can do. And we really do feel, that we are so much stronger than what we displayed.

After some time passed, there is also room to be proud. Yes, we missed worlds but as a team we made leaps and jumps. From a new team bootcamping in Korea to a first place Spring Split finish with 2nd Playoffs + MVP and Rookie of the Split in Vizicsacsi and Xerxe. From hard work and dedication the entire Summer to becoming one of the strongest teams in EU. Although frustration keeps nagging, we take this pause, tank up on energy and go ahead coming January, when our finger tips start to tingle and we let ourselves enjoy the rush again.

Till then we will cheer for good ol' Diamond and our guys from EU at Worlds. 

And to you guys: thank you all so much. You stood behind us already all the time and as we suffer losses and celebrate wins together, we all move forward to enjoy and be inspired by the game we love.

Lastly, a big thank you to Lagadère and our sponsors Trust Gaming, NeedForSeat, eNgage and Gerolsteiner who were great partners and with whom we had a lot of fun creating content together!

More from us to come in the future!

Love and magic,
Sheepy  &  Khagneur