on 10/22/2017 at 08:30 am
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We want you!

Written on 10/21/2017


With the departure of Romain, we are looking someone to fill the position of the UOL manager, the greatest job in the world! We are looking for someone: - Motivated, dependable and energetic: You will be in charge and responsible for the wellbeing of everyone in the team. If something needs a solution outside the game, it is in your hands. On the flip side, you will have next to no limits for any creative process, only limited by resources and your creativity. Every day will be an opportunity and every season is a marathon. Having a healthy mindset and being able to start the new day full motivated is a must and will be the key to foster and strengthen the right mindset of the team which you are now an integral part of.

Your work will mainly consist of following areas:

- Riot: Contracts, communication coordination. Any of our work with Riot will go mainly through you. May it be contracts needed for a certain date, communication for any upcoming plans and coordination for any riot event.

- Sponsors: You will be the main contact to our partner Lagardère, that do the main heap of our sponsor interaction.

- General management: Travels, contact and communication with partners as well as general problems that arise from inside the Gaming House or boot-camp.

- Social Media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also our videos on our youtube channel or any sponsor related content. We offer you: A German full-time non-limited working contract with all social securities. And a long-time perspective to grow with and inside our organisation.

How to submit: Send (by email any content which gives us an example of your creativeness. Don´t send us just a page with text why you are the best, show us how charismatic you are! Help us to learn about your personality and get an idea about your character and mindset.