DEGU Mcload
on 12/22/2017 at 07:42 pm
Why not Audrey?
on 12/22/2017 at 06:24 pm
Excited to watch him in the LCS. A solid support with LCK experience, just what we needed.

You guessed it right?

Written on 12/22/2017

Eun "Totoro" Jong-seop



"Finding a new support, after having worked with the same person for 3 years, seemed at first to be a really difficult task. Luckily, in our Tryouts in Korea we met Totoro and he seemed to fit well into the team. I am really excited to work with him for the next year, build a team and do our best. I am sure Totoro will suprise a lot of people. 
I hope the fans welcome him with open arms since he seems like a genuinely nice person and a true Unicorn at heart!"

Statement by Coach Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant