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eNgage Focus Battle – Beat the Pro

Written on 03/29/2018

Did you ever want to compete with the best? Then here is your chance:
On the 4th of April 2018 7pm CEST you can challenge Unicorns of Love Kold to a 1v1.

But playing against Kold is not all there is. Everyone that manages to win his/her game will be awarded a free 12-pack of eNgage & diseNgage (the winner must have a European shipping address, prizes cannot be exchanged for money). The whole event will be live broadcasted on our twitch channel, so make sure to follow us and tune in. 

What map will be played?

Howling Abyss

How do I win?

The winner of the game is who first accomplishes one of the below mentioned goals:

  • Get a kill
  • Get first turret
  • Farm 100 minions

What other things are happening during the event?

During the event you will have the chance to win some exclusive Unicorns merch as well as to participate in some special twitch giveaways.

You want to play againgst Kold?

Sign up here: