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Extended partnership with eNgage!

Written on 04/17/2018

Hamburg, 16 April 2018 – Focus drinks manufacturer eNgage has extended its partnership with European League of Legends team, Unicorns of Love, until the end of the Summer Split Finals 2018. The cooperation continues to revolve around the natural performance-increasing drinks ‘eNgage’ and ‘diseNgage’, which help the team to increase their own performance. Lagardère Sports, the exclusive marketing partner of the Unicorns of Love, helped secure this partnership. 

eNgage continues to advertise its logo on the pink unicorns’ shirts. On top of this, the focus drinks manufacturer values digital interaction with the UoL fanbase. The company provides the team members with the two drinks ‘eNgage’ and ‘diseNgage’ for the energy they need in the game.

Sascha Resch, Head of Marketing at eNgage, explains: “Our products improve the interplay between mental fitness and physical energy, and thereby offer gamers an edge during gaming. Our collaboration with the UoL team in the past months has not only been a great deal of fun, but with the Unicorns we also found the perfect platform to further develop our market recognition.”

Jos Mallant, CEO of the Unicorns of Love, adds: “We are happy that eNgage will continue to support us as a partner – the brand is the perfect fit for the Unicorns. This extension of the cooperation is a great confirmation of our close collaboration so far, and shows that both partners benefit from the partnership.” 

Thomas Ottl, Director of eSports at Lagardère Sports, likewise comments: “We are even happier when we are able to extend an eSports partnership than we are with a new sponsorship. It shows that we were able to connect two suitable partners that are well-matched according to the brand fit, and offer fans extra value in the activation of the partnership. The coming months will also have some exciting events in store.” 

About eNgage
eNgage is a natural focus drink developed for situations requiring long-lasting focus and brain power. It is perfect for Gamers, Students and anyone needing optimal cognitive functionality. eNgage has been developed by GG united, a global-minded team focused on establishing and supporting an inclusive gaming community through innovative eSports related products, services and events.