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MateCrate Bootcamp

Written on 05/25/2018

The new eSports startup MateCrate - who brings you an app where everyone can build his own league of legends team easily - is organizing a bootcamp to launch their app in context of this event. 

On day 1 and 2 Fredy122 (coach of ROCCAT) and sheepy each get 20 players from which they have to pick the most talented 10 after some 5v5s and coach them for the day.  In the evening there will be a second round of 5v5s to pick the final 5 players into the coaches teams. 

On day 3 the 2 final teams  - picked by their coaches - meet and play a best of 5 against eachother. Whoever wins gets some exclusive presents from their coach and his organization.

With this event we not only want to give a great experience to fans and the participants but also support the MateCrate app. It is helping and encouraging young people of all levels to build teams and start competitive play as a team which is a great chance for all professional teams to have more follow up players in the future who also know how to play in a group and not only soloq. Since we are always looking for young talents, we value this idea of bringing competitive teamplay into the lower levels very highly. 

Make sure to check out the games who will be streamed on twitch and casted by XoYnUzi and Stress!