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Neon is joining UOL for the Summer Split !

Written on 06/12/2018

Some of you may have noticed that Samux has been missing in some of the pictures and events we did the last couple of weeks. Also we now signed an adc substitute. We want to give a bit of inside on the reasons behind that decision and what is going on with Samux.

We decided to bring our players back to the gaming house quite early for this split to practice hard and improve as a team after the result of last split. Unfortunately Samux has been dealing with some serious health issues that lead up to him staying at the hospital a few times. In total he was staying in hospital for 3 weeks now so that the entire team couldn’t scrim and practice properly. Right now Samux is feeling better but it is still possible that he might have bad days the next weeks. To prevent the team from losing important scrim time and releasing the pressure from Samux in the future we tried to find a solution. With the roster lock coming in we then signed a substitute that will be able to jump in if needed so that everyone has the best outcome in this situation. Read the following statement by Sheepy for more details:

„We have been practicing hard for the last 2 months. After finishing last in Spring, we wanted to make sure to win. However last month, Samux started having stronger pain. He has a serious desease that he has been fighting for a longer time. Resulting in 2 weeks of practice being missed due to him staying at the hospital, we decided to take in a substitute to relieve the pressure allowing Samux to recover and only play what his health allows.
We decided to go for Neon.
He has been fitting right in with the team with his positive mindset and friendly attitude.
We are excited to go into Summer Split and show you guys how badly we want to win.
Love and magic, UOL“