Our partners in crime:

Trust Gaming

Trust Gaming provides value for money gaming accessories for PC and console, to build champions. They offer a diverse line-up of products for a beginner up to a professional gamer. Due to their close relationship with various pro gamers, they have the knowledge to create reliable peripherals that allow gamers to reach their full gaming potential and provide suited gear for every budget.





NEEDforSEAT® has been selling premium chairs of their own brand MAXNOMIC® for the longterm requirements in esports, gaming and office since 2011. MAXNOMIC® chairs are ergonomically designed according to strict quality standards to encourage a healthy posture while sitting – no matter if used for gaming or during long hours in the office. Believing that one size doesn’t fit all, NEEDforSEAT®‘s MAXNOMIC® chairs are available in four different sizes based on body size and weight so everyone will find his or her perfect fit.





eNgage aims to support esport professionals to achieve their goal of becoming the best players in the world.
With eNgage & diseNgage they have developed two types of focus drinks, especially for situations that require long-lasting focus and concentration.

Using only 100% natural ingredients they are a lot different to energy drinks. Both focus drinks are ideal for gamers, students and everyone who needs to stay on top of their game.