The Unicorns of Love

Our team for 2018:

We are one of the professional LCS teams in Europe. Founded by our coach Sheepy in 2014, we are going strong ever since with our multinational team:  


GERMANY I Coach : Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant built this team and also created the name Unicorns of Love. He started out as a jungler in 2014 for UOL, later stepped down as a player to take on the position as a coach. Since then he has been a facilitator of UOL's spirit, adding insight in and out of the game and helped successfully rebuilding and strengthing the team whenever it was needed. His coaching style is based around developing players own strengths and mindsets towards a the individual they strive to become. 

Fun fact: He ended his maths and computer science studies for his league career but he will never stop playing piano.



FINLAND I Toplane: Matti "WhiteKnight" Sormunen has been playing league of legends for some years already but hasn't been in LCS for a whole season yet.  He has played as substitute for team alternate in the mid lane (for ForellenLord) and as AD carry (for Creaton). 

Fun fact: He´s a professional whistler of under the sea from disney's  little mermaid and owns a sauna.



DENMARK I JungleJonas "Kold" Andersen entered the LCS in the 2015 season as the jungler for Enemy eSports in NA. After their relegation he returned to europe and joined Splyce for the 2016 season. Until he entered UOL he was known as "Trashy".

Fun fact: His biggest achievement so far is that he made it on  theScore's  top 10 hottest LOL players list in 2017.



GERMANY I Midlane: Fabian “Exileh” Schubert has been playing league of legends at a very high level for a very long time. He started his career in 2013 and bounced between teams for years -- but that never deterred his fighting spirit. 

He’s an incredibly driven player and that’s what landed him on the Unicorns of Love in 2016. Exileh proved that he belongs in the LCS with his performances on the team. 

Fun fact: Exilehs aunt Bärbel is his biggest fan and keeps up with the teams news pretty well. Whatever happens, aunt Bärbel knows it first.



SPAIN I AD Carry: HIS NAME IS Samuel "Samux" Fernández Fort!! He has been playing professionally since 2012. He has since spent time on numerous teams before finding himself on the Unicorns of Love roster after he started his career as a top laner and eventually made his way to the AD Carry role. 

Days before Unicorns of Love were set to lock their roster, starting AD Carry Veritas informed the team that he wished to stay home in Korea due to being homesick (although he quickly joined CJ Entus afterwards) and this set off a search for someone to fill his shoes. The Unicorns turned to Samux as the solution who ever since surprises everyone with his performances in the team.

Fun fact: Samux never smiles for photos but actually is one of the funniest members in the team. Also he can spin the fidget spinner like no one else.



KOREA I SupportEun "Totoro" Jong-seop has played as a support in korean LCS before he joined the Unicorns in team bbq Olivers. He drove 3 hours with public transportation to see our team in korea and scrim with them at the bootcamp.  

Fun fact: His name comes from the anime "my friendly neighbour totoro" which coincidently has also been the profile picture from sheepy on skype for years already... #fate



GERMANY/NETHERLANDS I Owner: Jos "UOLdad" Mallant had nothing to do with the league scene before Sheepy came downstairs one day to tell him about his team. Since that moment he supported Sheepy and helped building the company, renting the house and basically everything else. After having his own company before, he could also take care of taxes, contracts and other adult things and took over the role as owner of UoL.

Fun fact: Because the team had no clue how to survive in NA for the IEM San Jose 2014 , UOLdad had to fly with them just to drive them around and make sure they can practice and arrive at the venue.



FRANCE I SubstituteAudrey "AudreyLaSapa" Coënt studied 3D art and design to become a 3D designer in the video game industry. She was working on the side for UOL since its foundation, creating the logo, jersey, merch and banners. After her 6 months internship as 3D artist she joined the team full time and also became a substitute.

Fun fact: Audrey had to come up with the UOL logo in a few hours right before a small tournament the team was participating in when Sheepy realized he couldn't use copyrighted pictures.



GERMANY I Content Creator: Hi guys, it's me - Vivien Mallant. Since i am writing this text right now i thought i'd take the chance to say hello. Here's what i do: i work for the team since the beginning as a content creator, designer and i'm in charge of the online shop. Also i study architecture, i achieved many national and international titles as a competitive cheerleader and i don't play League of Legends. I am also a cheerleading coach and do some design stuff for my own team as well.  However it's a lot of work, the Unicorns are a family to me and some of my best friends. 

Fun fact: When the guys had to move to the gaming house i went to IKEA alone and bought 6 beds, 6 nightstands, 6 mattresses, 7 carpets, 3 wardrobes etc. etc... that was a long trip until i made it to the house alive with all this furniture.