Unicorns of Love SE

Unicorns of Love SEXY EDITION

Unicorns of Love SE is our new team for the german league of legends premier tour. They will be playing to  hopefully qualify for the european masters at the end of the season. And here are our players:



GERMANY I Toplane : Julian "Tøtørø" Schürmann 

Date of birth: 10.07.1998

What are you most exited about in UOL: I am very happy to work together with professional players and coaches and generally that i am able to grow with an organisation of this significance.  

What have you done before UOL: I haven't been able to get a lot of experience yet, i was playing for Eversity for a while. 

Hobbies besides gaming: sports, fitness, swimming



AUSTRIA I Jungle : Lukas "Inition" Otter

Date of birth: 12.11.1997

What are you most excited about in UOL: I'm most excited to work with the coaching staff and improving as a player and even more as a team.

What have you done before UOL: Before UOL I played for Vination in the ESLM for 2 splits, then Mysterious Monkeys now known as adhog gaming for 3 splits (won 2), went to SPG for 1 split to finish 2nd place.

Hobbies besides gaming: Besides league i like doing things that are fun to do / watch like trampoline jumping and doing stunts, juggling or doing handstands



GERMANY I Midlane : Pascal “sLiM5h4dY” Böhm​ 

Date of birth: 19.08.1997

What are you most excited about in UOL: I am most excited about playing competitively for a professional team, so I am able to show my skills and improve even more. Looking forward to a great experience.

What have you done before UOL: I played fun tournaments with friends, grinded in soloq and then 2nd division in the eslm.

Hobbies besides gaming: music, drawing, having a great time with my friends



GERMANY I AD Carry : Lucas "LagsAlot" Pöthe

Date of birth: 25.06.1998

What are you most excited about in UOL: I am excited about joining a well-known league of legends brand, experiencing fandom and having the opportunity to work with a knowledgable staff to improve individually and as a team.

What have you done before UOL:  I've previously been the substitute ADC for Mysterious Monkeys / Ad Hoc Gaming in the ESL championship and the European Masters. 

Hobbies besides gaming: football, volleyball, movies



SPAIN I Support : Angel "DuaLL" Fernandez

Date of birth: 14.08.1997

What are you most excited about in UOL: I'm excited to be part of an org with lcs experience since that will help me a lot to grow as a player and keep grinding on my career.

What have you done before UOL: Before UOL I've been playing in Super Liga Orange and UK Premiership mainly.

Hobbies besides gaming:  graphic design, tennis and some other videogames that I just play to chill and have fun with friends like battle royales, subnautica, etc.