The Unicorns of Love

How it all began:

Winter 2013: Sheepy came downstairs and was looking for a good name for the League of Legends Team he built. His wish: "if we ever play against a top team in the future - and we win - they need to be embarrassed".. After a while of brainstorming, the result was Unicorns of Love. It was also chosen since playing League of Legends should be about having fun and being different.


Spring 2014: The team met for the first time in real life at Insomnia 51. After a very chaotic preperation they won the entire tournament.


Winter 2014: After a failed first attempt, the  team qualified for the promotion tournament... and won against Millenium with some very surprising (weird) picks in a bo5. After qualifying for the LCS, they got voted to IEM San Jose 2014. A lot of people thought they are too weak, but after a shaky first round they came to face TSM, the number 1 team of NA LCS. With Twisted Fate jungle and a base race they won against TSM and we gained a lot of fans over night.


Spring 2015: In their first ever LCS split, the team went through to the playoffs and ended up in the finals against Fnatic. After a close series they lost and finished second. What a great first split that was though.


2015-2017: Unicorns of Love was the only team that always made it to playoffs, Also we kept being unique and fun and had a lot of great events, partners, sponsors and fan interactions. Also we are the first team to have an official fanclub: the LoveHurtsCrew e.V.


2018: Things went downhill after some issues with players and health. For the first time ever the team didn't reach the playoffs. Still we put a lot of effort in building up the community and bringing in new things. With partners like Wacken or Billyboy and events like the Deadpool 2 premiere we for sure had a lot of fun and success in 2018 overall. 


2019: LCS becomes LEC and is now a franchise league. Investing millions to be part of this league is not something we believe in. We always worked without any investors, to keep our vision, players and staff save. We want to have the final say in our own company and keep creating the esports scene the way we feel it's best. Therefor we stepped down from LCS/LEC and focus on the german League of Legends scene. Also we now have a CS:GO team to expand our brand in the esports scene.  Possibly we will add other titles to the UOL family, what we know for sure is that there are a lot of great things to come in 2019 and the future.